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You can make a difference today in the lives of Kiwis living with a spinal cord injury or impairment (SCI) by making a gift to the NZ Spinal Trust’s first ever national appeal. Our goal is $50,000. It’ll be used to expand our peer support programme that is a backup for people with SCI and their families, in work, life and play. Your gift will make it happen so please make your donation today. Thank you.

Meet some of the Kiwis we’ve helped…

Laura Lee Stuart

Sam Fitness

Ocean Brown

Ted Feldbrugge

Fritz Tuaa

Billy Dravitzki

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Three Kiwis a week are paralysed by a spinal cord injury or impairment.

I’m sure you know someone. A car crash, a sports injury, an illness or a fall can do it. In a second, lives are changed forever.

Could you adjust?

For many, after leaving hospital their health deteriorates, depression takes hold and they become isolated. The effect on them and their families can’t be underestimated. You can imagine the toll on relationships, jobs, hobbies and the whole new world they have to cope with.

Your support helps create bright new futures.

The NZ Spinal Trust is working with Healthcare Rehabilitation to expand our community-based peer support programme. Being able to talk to others who understand what you are going through transforms lives.

Please donate now and help impact these Kiwis’ lives.

There is no later. Please do it now.

This peer support programme will be there for people when they are at their most vulnerable. Without your support, it will be a longer road back to living a life with confidence and purpose. If it happens at all.

How did it happen? How did they feel? Where are they now? You might be surprised…

Amanda Lowry

Liam Keenan

Johnny Bourke

Snow Reardon

Gareth Lynch

Jazz Calder

Grant Sharman

Jenny Dravitzki

Mike Brown

Ben Lucas

Pat Edmonds

Andrew Hall

Sarah Bennett

Terry O’Neill

Hans Wouters

Ian Walker

Richard Smaill

Alex Dalzell

Brett Ladbrook

Peter Thornton

Mark Nichols

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The New Zealand Spinal Trust is a registered charity providing peer support, vocational rehabilitation, and world class multi-media programs to Kiwi’s affected by an SCI. They receive 17% funding from government, the rest comes from funding organisations and generous supporters like you.

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