Help Raise $50,000 By Answering 3 Simple Questions

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to develop a new peer support programme that is a backup for people with SCI and their families, in work, life and play. If you’ve been affected you can help. In less than 5 minutes you can answer 3 simple questions, and by sharing the answers with your friends and family you’ll help make this appeal a success.

Step 1 – Prepare

Sweet, thanks for doing this.

1. Grab your mobile phone, tablet, or other video recording device and clean your camera lens so it’s not murky. If your screen cover is scratched where the lens is, then remove your phone from it’s cover.  Also switch your phone to flight mode to avoid interruptions.

2. Next, find a quiet place. This is important because poor audio will make your video unwatchable. If you have headphones with a microphone these will give you better audio, as will an external microphone but your phone will be just fine so long as you find a quiet place without too much background noise.

3. Make sure there is enough light so your face is well lit. Natural light is best. but if you’re doing this at night try and use light that shines into your face rather than from overhead as this will cast shadows.

4. Set your device to video. Hold it by hand in selfie mode, set it up in a tripod, or get someone to record you. Record in landscape mode which is horizontal not vertical.

5. Frame yourself so that your face covers 3/4 of the screen and remember to look directly at the camera lens not at yourself on the screen otherwise you’ll appear shifty. Feel free to get creative to show your surroundings if it adds to the questions below.

Step 2- Questions

Right, now that you’re setup here are the questions.

1. What happened?

So in my case I might answer… “In 2012 I was hit by a car and broke my back. My family was waiting for me at the park down the road and I never turned up. I can’t feel anything below my waist.”

2. How did you feel?

“Aside from the physical recovery the hardest thing to deal with was the thought I’d never be able to ski or surf or do the things in the outdoors I loved.  I was terrified, depressed and in pain.”

3. How did you get to where you are now?

“The turning point for me was seeing a video of Canadian Paralympic skier Josh Dueck skiing effortlessly through powder on a sit ski. This gave me immense hope. I’ve since connected with other like minded paraplegics, and I’ve learnt new ways to surf and ski again. It feels incredible.”

Step 3- Ask for support

Now, very importantly ask your community to support this appeal.

This is an example…  “The New Zealand Spinal Trust is there to help people like me (my dad, my daughter, my husband etc…) For the month of September I’m helping them raise $50,000 to develop a new community based peer support programme  to help Kiwis  with SCI who are struggling. (or words that relate to your story). Please make a gift by going to  which is where you can also watch their cool new video. Thank you so much for your support.  I’d appreciate it if you could share this with others.”

Here’s an example

Step 4- Share

Ok awesome! That’s the video done. Here’s how to share your video during the month of September.

1. Edit your video if you want to add some unique touches.

2. Post it on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Doing the video live get the best reach if you’re up for a challenge. 

3. Be sure to include  in the description or comments. Write something in the description that gets people’s attention and encourages them to watch.

4. Tag us in your post by typing @nzspinaltrust then click on our page when it pops up, or share it directly to our Facebook page.

5. Make sure to follow/like our social media pages if you haven’t already to stay up to date with appeal progress. We’ll also email you updates so you can keep your friends and family updated.

6. Share your video by sending a link to your friends and family by attaching it directly in an email or Facebook Messenger message.

Step 5- Upload

Upload a copy so we can share it too.

Thanks heaps for helping. Please let us know you’re happy to do this by completing the form below before uploading your video.

Righto. Nice! The easiest way we know to share video online is WeTransfer.

1. Copy the following email address

2. Click the We Transfer button below, paste the email address in, enter yours, and upload your video file. 

3. Boom, easy as! If you’re doing this on mobile you’ll need to download a free app. We recommend doing it over WiFi. If you’d prefer to share in other ways like Dropbox give Mike a call or email to discuss.

Thank You!

Your bravery will help those affected by a spinal cord injury or impairment who need a boost.

If you have any questions or need help with your video give Mike a call on 03 383 6881 Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 5.30 pm or email

If you’d like to make a donation you can do so below

The countdown is on… be sure to visit 

Please share and follow the appeal

The New Zealand Spinal Trust is a registered charity  providing peer support, vocational rehabilitation, and world class multi-media programs to Kiwi’s affected by an SCI. They receive 17% funding from government, the rest comes from funding organisations and generous supporters like you.

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